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Dementia is the collective name for a group of conditions that relate to decreased brain functioning, often resulting in similar symptoms.

Whilst many dementia conditions are not curable, medication and certain types of therapy have been shown to decrease the rate of progression.

What causes dementia?

Many types of dementia are caused by brain cells dying and being unable to grow back again. The brain cells naturally reduce in number as we get older, but dementia can result where there is accelerated degeneration.

Clumps of proteins can also form in the brain which result in loss of brain cells and they also affect the number of neurotransmitters in the brain and the chemicals that are used to transmit the messages.

Other types of dementia can be due to genetics, interruptions in the blood supply to the brain, infections to the brain and alcohol induced damage to the brain tissue.

Certain types of dementia can be misdiagnosed because the symptoms are often similar across the dementia spectrum. It is important to get a correct diagnosis, with an expert at assessing dementia, as there are different treatments for the different types of dementia and incorrect treatments can have an adverse affect.

What Are the Main Symptoms of Dementia?

  • Memory Loss
  • Reduced physical co-ordination
  • Reduced thinking speed
  • Getting confused in familiar surroundings
  • Reduced mental agility, difficulty with numbers, calculations and money
  • Reduced judgement
  • Difficulties with language
  • Lack of interest in usual activities
  • Personality changes
  • Difficulties controlling emotions
  • Auditory / visual hallucinations
  • Loss of empathy
  • Depression
  • Difficulties planning

If you are concerned that you, or a loved one, might be displaying some of the symptoms of dementia you can speak to one of our experts today for no obligation advice – 0203 326 9160

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