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Leading Child and Adolescent Psychologists

Clinical Partners have an outstanding team of Child and Adolescent Psychologists who can help young people aged 0-21 with a wide range of challenges, including providing assessments and reports, psychometric testing and neuropsychology, as well as delivering therapy for individuals and families.


Why Clinical Partners?

Because you can trust us to arrange for your child or teenager to see a friendly and expert clinician who can help them.

Our Clinical Team of over 200 Partners are based all over the UK. They provide thousands of outpatient appointments and reports every year, and we can usually arrange an appointment within a few days.

We choose our Partners carefully. They are all highly trained and experienced, but they are also picked because of their warmth and love of their work that makes them so effective at helping young people and families.

If you would like to discuss whether your child or teenager could benefit from seeing a Psychologist, then please ring 020 3761 7026 and one of our clinical advisors will be able to advise you.


What can Child and Adolescent Psychologists help with?

Psychology is the study of the human mind – the way we think, act and behave. Child and adolescent Psychologists use different therapeutic methods to help young people overcome their problems, making life easier and getting things back on track.

Some of the services that our child and adolescent team can offer include CBT, Psychotherapy, Psychometric Testing, Neuropsychology, Health and Educational Psychology.

Many of our Psychologists and Psychotherapists do similar work, but often Psychologists’ work is more involved with thought patterns and Psychotherapists often work with past feelings and emotions. You might not know who your child or teenager should see, you just know they need help. Don’t worry, our clinical advisors can help advise on what your options are and what might suit your child’s needs best.

What can Psychology help with?

Some of the common disorders that our Psychologists can help with include:


What to expect from a child and adolescent psychology appointment

Before the session, you may be sent questionnaires to complete and your Psychologist may ask for school reports to help them understand a more complete picture. There may be psychometric tests to complete before or during the sessions, these are nothing to worry about and the aim is to get a good understanding of the areas your child is struggling with.

We will talk you through all these elements when you book your child’s appointment and you can ring us at any stage with any questions you have.

The number, frequency and duration of the psychology appointments will differ depending on the reasons for seeing a Psychologist. For instance, CBT can be weekly and may involve ‘homework’ to embed learning between sessions. Educational assessments could be a one off, perhaps with a recommendation for some further therapy sessions.

To discuss whether your child would benefit from an appointment with a child psychologist, please call 020 3761 7026 or use the contact us form to request a call back.


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